Cloud Accounting Evaluation Guide

Make the best and most informed accounting system decision for your company

Today, the newest and most efficient financial accounting solutions are powered by cloud technology, and a host of new complementary technologies you can leverage to work for your company. It’s a new frontier which means significant differences between the products marketed today and those from previous generations. You need to evaluate these solutions differently than older generations of applications, which includes wrestling through the veritable lexicon of product names, architectural and technological attributes and other software jargon that can get anyone confused. But underneath all of the buzzwords and marketing hype, there truly are innovative firms with radically new and impressive products that are reshaping the financial accounting software space.

This guide will help you learn:

  • When to replace your accounting system
  • What the real value of a cloud platforms and how cloud systems are different
  • How to see through the jargon and variants of “cloud” terminology used by vendors

Our goal is to help you understand these very different choices, decisions and considerations so that you purchase the financial accounting software solution that’s right for you and your business.

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The challenge, today, is learning how to separate the innovative and future leaders of the financial accounting software space from the also-rans and charlatans trying to pass off old technology with new marketing buzzwords. Because of these changes in the market, we have crafted this quick buyer’s guide for cloud-based financial accounting software.

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