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What are the metrics that matter in Professional Services?

There's no question that data is king in the Professional Services industry today. Having visibility into the "metrics that matter" directly impacts a PSO's ability to improve performance and grow.

The findings is this insightful eBook are from a 2013 survey conducted to the PSVillage membership. The survey asked members to identify their biggest challenges in selling Professional Services, as well as their solutions.  The survey results combined with perspectives from industry experts, create a report that’s full of actionable recommendations for anyone in a PSO or stand-alone services company.

In this eBook from PSVillage, you will learn the:

  • Biggest challenges in selling Professional Services today
  • Key metrics that matter to services-driven organizations
  • Common growing pains for companies in Professional Services
  • How your company stacks up in comparison to other leading PS organizations.

Download this eBook now and learn the metrics that matter in the Professional Services industry today.

eBook: Metrics that Matter in Professional Services