Cloud Accounting Evaluation Guide

A guide to help you choose the right financial system.

Accounting software has been around for decades. Yet the foundation of these products hasn’t changed much, until now. Cloud-based applications have hit the scene and organizations are moving fast to adopt. Why? Because cloud applications deliver higher return on investment, real-time, multi-dimensional financial analysis, and a slew of other benefits, from mobile access to enterprise collaboration. If the last accounting application you purchased was packaged or on-premises based, you will find this guide beyond helpful. It will help you quickly cut through the hype and set your company on a path to success for many years to come.

The Guide includes:

  • A simple step by step approach to the evaluation process
  • A discussion on how Cloud Accounting evaluations are different
  • How to handle vendor short lists, demos and vendor negotiations
  • How to sell and get buy-in on your decision

Since the average accounting software solution is in use for close to a decade, these are not decisions to be entered into lightly. Let this guide help you make the right choice.

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