2012 Cloud Professional Services Automation Evaluation Guide

Your Complete Guide for Success in Choosing the Right PSA Solution for Your Organization

  • Provide practical guidance to making a PSA solution choice
  • Accelerate your selection team’s learning curve
  • Define and structure the PSA vendor selection process
  • Preemptively address many of the issues the selection team will encounter in choosing a PSA solution
  • Help your organization get productive quickly

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Cloud-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions are continuing to evolve. Today’s buyer looking for a PSA solution is bombarded with a veritable lexicon of new product names, architectural and technological attributes and other software characteristics that can be confusing.

This quick buyer’s guide for cloud-based PSA solution takes you through a multi-step process that will help you understand the very different choices, decisions and considerations you will need to make when choosing your next PSA solution.

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